Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love's small note

“Knock, knock” heard the voice and she asked who is at the door?
Voice came from the other side, “hey it’s me, Love, on my way to explore.

She listened to the voice, she searched for the source,
She looked hither and thither, but couldn’t get the course.

Her senses got alerted; she composed herself for the moment,
Now she was all ready to ask for the sudden appearance.

“Why are you here for?” she questioned with great force,
And she was about to get the best answer for the reason of therefore.

Few gentle words came from unknown sides,
Stating the business of the joyride.

I was always there, you just took me for granted,
You sought for the specific, my domain was quite expanded.

I was there in the sips of tea, I was there in those hell of a yippies,
I was there in those twirls of small joys, I was there in those unexpected ahoy.

I yelled at the cause of your cries, I held your hand in all your tries.
I craved for your smiles , I shivered when you went off for a while.

I was always there in my unknown special ways.
Though not typical but definitely there for a longer stay.


Monday, February 6, 2017

Key points for common man - Indian Budget 2017

Guest Post: Pooja Bhandari

Finance minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2017 in Parliament on Wednesday. 
Here are the key highlights of his budget speech:

1.      Existing rate of tax for individuals between Rs.  2.5- Rs 5 lakh is reduced to 5% from 10%. All other categories of taxpayers in subsequent brackets will get a benefit of Rs 12,500.  10 % surcharge on individual income above Rs. 50 lakh and up to Rs 1 crore and 15% surcharge on individual income above Rs. 1 crore to remain.

2.   Simple one-page return for people with an annual income of Rs. 5 lakh other than business income.

3.      No transaction above Rs 3 lakh is permitted in cash. The limit of cash donation by charitable trusts is reduced to Rs 2,000 from Rs 10,000. The maximum amount of cash donation for a political party will be Rs. 2,000 from any one source.

4.  Digital India - BHIM app will unleash mobile phone revolution. The government will introduce two schemes to promote BHIM App - referral bonus for the users and cash back for the traders.

5.  The total allocation for Railways is Rs. 1,31,000 crore. No service charge on tickets booked through IRCTC. 3,500 km of railway lines to be commissioned this year up from 2,800 km last year. By 2019 all trains will have bio-toilets.

6.      Rs. 500 crore allocated for Mahila Shakthi Kendras. For pregnant women, Rs. 6000 will be transferred to each person.

7.   Over Rs 3 lakh crore will be spent for rural India MGNREGA to double farmers' income. Participation of women in MGNREGA is to be increased up to 55%.

8.   A sum of Rs. 10 lakh crore is allocated as credit to farmers, with 60 days interest waiver. NABARD fund will be increased to Rs. 40,000 crore. 

9.      Two new AIIMS in Jharkhand and Gujarat.

10.  The holding period for long-term capital gain lowered to two years. Capital gains tax to be exempted for people holding land from which land was pooled for creation of the state capital of Andhra Pradesh.

11.  The government proposes to reduce basic customs duty for LNG to 2.5% from 5%.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Should we expect support in today's world

In today’s world when people talk about being independent and self-reliant, should we expect from our near and dear ones to support us during our bad times or during the struggling phase of life changing decisions.

No doubt being self-reliant is very important, furthermore self-actualization is needed for personal growth also it helps us function better in the society but life is so unpredictable that we have no surety of what will happen tomorrow. In such situations or decisions if things go wrong we would expect some support from our closed ones, especially on the emotional end.

Here are some examples -:
I had a friend whose best friend’s parents passed away in an accident.
She was broken like hell and needed support in every possible way.
What my friend did was the best support he could provide her, he married her. Today both are living a great life.
Another example is of a close friend who unfortunately had to suffer from a year drop because of an allegation put on her which she was not at all connected to. The examiner did ask her to write the paper again after 2 hours of exam time but she took the decision to not write it again but take the matter to the higher level.
Though things didn’t go as she expected and the allegations were made more severe which caused her to bear a year drop.
She was utterly depressed and upset. She took the decision what she felt was right at that time but things didn’t go as she thought.
At that point of time her near and dears ones, especially her bf and parents were quite supportive and helped her to come out of this terrible situation.

The Last example I will quote is of yet another very good friend of mines.
It was the end of 2014 and his mother was not keeping well. In spite of several medications, she showed negligible improvement. At that time he was quite tensed and worried about her health and needed someone to pour down his emotions. One of his best friends came as a savior. She not only took care of him but also his mother. Eventually,his mother showed signs of improvement. He proposed his friend for marriage as he knew that he could count upon her during the bad phases of his life.
Most importantly there was a feeling of security with her.

All these examples show that your near and dear ones who can be your partner or best buddies do support you during the bad phases of life but there are other examples too which prove them utterly wrong.

People have left their loved ones as per their convenience with the reasoning that as the decision was of the concerned person so eventually the problems are also his/her own and hence he/she has to suffer it alone.

The bottom-line is, though people have grown a bit more selfish and self-centered but still,  there are many generous souls in this world.
Yes,the need of the hour is to be more self-reliant and self-dependent but when the platter of life serves terribly bad times, it is good to have it together with a bunch of trustworthy souls than alone.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The two most difficult things in the world

Life is a journey where we meet a lot of people at different phases.
Some give us a helping hand while we are in trouble while some make us realize that we have to rise on our own.
Some motivate us to follow our passions while some discourage us for various reasons.
Some love us selflessly while some confront us with the harsh reality of life that you are needed only until the time you are important to someone.
Some get a place in our heart while some are privileged enough to make it to our ass..:P

Each chapter of life brings along with it a new experience which has its own series of struggles, hardships, success stories and learnings.
A man drives from one experience to another which is the milestone in the journey of life but there are two major roadblocks that slow down his pace.

These roadblocks are actually the two most difficult decisions/things in this world.

The first one is to “Accept one’s mistake and say sorry”.
We tend to make mistakes and hurt a number of people intentionally or unintentionally due to our thinking and actions during the course of our journey. And then comes the most difficult part which is to accept it and say sorry to the concerned person.

But we can’t blame anyone as saying sorry has become outdated.
The coolest thing in today’s world is to be selfish and self-centered.
Emotions, feelings and love are mostly found in the emojis on social media as they rarely make it to the heart.
Being heartless is the new trend in the market; very soon you can wear tees with that written on it.
People love their comfort and convenience even more than their parents, so whoever you are, they don’t care. And if the decisions though taken together affect their comfort and convenience, they will leave you to suffer alone as doing so is part of their morals.
And you dare even expect a sorry from them as thinking like that also is the biggest act of foolishness.

The second most difficult thing in this world is to “Forgive someone
You can forget a person who has betrayed, used or cheated you but you will never be able to forgive them.
Forgiving a person who has brutally plundered your heart is the biggest act of humanity. 

But in today’s world revenge is considered as the most beloved act of humanity as it is the path to nirvana, that’s what people think, I suppose.
Couple of day’s back I came across these 2 headlines -:
A guy tried to choke his ex-lover in a cab and second, Husband shot the bf of his wife who died later.
And there are number of such cases happening on daily basis where people choose revenge over humanity.

So if a person forgives you for the wrong you have done, you don’t have to say those 3 golden words but just a simple and sober “Sorry” as today the act of forgiveness is very uncommon in common people.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why Distance BBA Is Better Than Online BBA

While an online BBA course in India has its set of advantages, it is imperative that students and parents understand the importance of a distance learning BBA course in India too. 

Access to universities

A student can enroll for an online BBA anywhere in the world- all he/she needs is an internet connection. Distance learning BBA programs, although few, are accessible around the world as well.


While an online BBA is dependent entirely on the internet, a distance learning BBA course involves a mix of online as well as traditional face-to-face classes.

Learning methodology

An online course is purely online, which means all the classes can be accessed on the internet. With distance learning courses, students follow a schedule, much like an academic year of a regular college. Their course material is made available to them via online formats and physical correspondence.

Responsibility of learning

In an online BBA course it is solely the student’s responsibility to catch up with the course. A distance learning BBA course on the other hand, offers guidance from staff as and when needed.

Opportunity for growth

An online BBA is relatively easier to get compared to a distance learning BBA course. A distance learning BBA degree adds value to a professional’s resume since it is considered equivalent to a degree from a regular university.

Distance courses are also easily recognized and accepted in the industry when compared to online courses. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Aaj dil kuch bechain sa hai..!!

Ye ehsaas kuch ajeeb sa hai
Aaj dil kuch bechain sa hai..!!

Kafi dino baad dil ke hile se kuch taar hai
Lagta hai kisi ne dastak di bar bar hai..!!

Dara sahma sa ye dil to bada udas tha
Jaane kis shaks ne lagayi ye nayi si aas hai..!!

Ae dil kya tu sahi mai tyaar hai ?
Is bar tujhe chaut nahi lagegi is cheez ka tujhe vishwas hai ?

Dil bejuban hai par ye jazbat kuch ajeeb sa hai 
Pata nahi kyo aaj dil kuch bechain sa hai..!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Adlabs Imagica : First Impressions

Adlabs Imagica, the most popular theme park of India is located in Khopoli, around 150 kms from Mumbai. First look of this dreamy land makes me recall my memories of Disneyland in Orlando, USA.
We can call it mini Disneyland.

With addition of Snow and Aqua Park, Adlabs Imagica has become a complete family destination.
Recently I got the opportunity to review the park and here is my take on it.

Snow Park

Snow Parks always excite me and this time was no different.

Things that I loved here -:
1. Snow Park is big enough to accommodate a good chunk of people hence you get sufficient space to enjoy and have fun.
2. Sliding from the top in a tube is definitely a must try thing.
3. The disc plays some good music and it is fun dancing amid the snow.
4. Lot of snow to throw at each other.
5. Sofa made up of ice where you can sit and get snapped.

Things that can be improved on -:
1. The hall where you put on the attire required to get in the Snow Park, stinks a lot.
2. The time for each session is a bit less which can be increased to 45 minutes.

Aqua Imagica
We only did a tour of the park as we were short of time.

Though we didn't try any rides here but from the info the tour guide gave us and from the look and feel, I can conclude the below -:
1. There are lot of rides which are suited for people of all age segments.
2. If you are expecting rides with lot of twists, turns and drops, you won't be disappointed.
3. Apart from the general attractions like Aqua Disc and Wave pool with sea like waves there are quite a good no of rides which offer you a great thrilling experience.

a. Loopy Woopy - If you are a speed lover this one is for you.
Plummet through a 39 ft. vertical drop into a 360-degree
looping slide of speed and exhilaration.

b. Swirl Whirl
- This exhilarating ride takes you through a
thrilling series of twists and turns, and then plummets you into         the core of the funnel where you share 4 to 5 near-vertical
oscillations before exiting the flume into the final plunge.

c. Twisty Turvy
- The exciting gravity-defying coaster with hair-
raising drops and breath-taking curves. It blasts riders uphill on        water jets, launching them into the ‘Super Bowl’ with centrifugal
forces keeping them high on the wall for several turns, and
ending through an enclosed flume into a splashdown pool.

d. Not to forget the wave pool at Imagica is a regular for famous

Theme Park
Finally it was time to explore the magical land which is also called Mini Disney Land.

Things that I liked here -:

1. Rides -:
There are rides for all kind of people here.
If you love to feel the adrenaline rush and thrill while twisting and swirling in the roller coaster rides, here are some great options.

a. Nitro - India's biggest and craziest roller coaster ride which will
take your excitement to a completely different level.

b. Dark Space - India's first roller coaster which runs in dark.
Feeling the adrenaline rush in a completely dark dome that too at
crazy speeds is a pure bliss.

c. Scream Machine - This gigantic rotating Pendulum ride makes
you recall those childhood days of Columbus, a ride similar to
it.Most of us who have enjoyed Columbus, this ride is a pure bliss.

d. Wrath of Gods - This is a great special effect show using air, water and fire.

e. Rajasaurus River Adventure - A good Story telling with an
awesome splash at the last.

f.  I for India - Witnessing the magnificent India from a helicopter's height is a unique lifetime experience.

g. Mr India - When one of my favorite movies of the childhood goes 4D, it has to be awesome.

2. Food -:
The variety and taste is good though the price is slightly on a
higher side.

3. Photographer's paradise -:
The walls of Imagica are painted and decorated so beautifully that
you will find a lot of photography  opportunities here.

4. Parade -:
The grand parade is one of the most popular attractions of Imagica
which shouldn't be missed.
Amazing dancers, famous cartoon characters and beautiful
tableau will definitely make you go gaga.


Things that can be improved
1. Laser show was good but I had much more expectations from it.
There is a lot of scope to make it more creative, innovative and
2. The price of food and stuff in stores is a bit heavy on the pocket.