Sunday, March 26, 2017

The #TigorStyleBack Meet Experience - High on Style

The #TigorStyleBack Indimeet Experience
The brand Tata has been always close to my heart, whether it’s my job or blogging.
In the corporate world I was born and brought up in the Tata family hence whenever I attend a Tata event the vibes and feel are always homely.

After a power-pack performance in the SUV segment, Tata Motors is back to blow away the Compact Sedan sector with their super stylish, “Tata Tigor”.

The moment I got the mail from Indiblogger for the event invite I was in the state of bliss. Delhi being the venue excited me more as it was the first time I was going to visit the Capital of my country.

60 bloggers and influencers from all over India were invited to attend the event.
I got lucky to get a seat next to a renowned travel blogger of India, Divyakshi.
Had a great time knowing the insights of travel blogging and eventually I got some nice tips too. On the airport the Tata Motors had already made arrangements to escort us to the venue. For the first time in my life I had someone hold a placard with my name on it at the airport, the feeling was just awesome. As I always say the brand Tata stands out when it comes to hospitality as they put in their max efforts to make you feel special.

Tata Tigor is all about style and so was the venue 1AQ which is situated in Mehrauli, the heart of Delhi heritage area consisting of spacious art gallery, well-manicured gardens and a unique art and design shop.

Every bit of 1AQ was maneuvered stylishly to match the theme of Tata Tigor.
Right from Styleback Studio, Styleback Square, Styleback Gallery, Perfumer to Coffee Brewmaster, there were various experiences curated specially for the bloggers.
The food served too had a lot of creativity in it with some amazing mocktails and gastronomy based deserts to treat our taste buds.

From the classy exteriors of 1AQ we were transited to the plush interiors of Hyatt Andaz.
The look of the hotel was royal and soothing. We got our room keys and dived into the bed as we were a bit tired. The room was quite spacious and luxurious.

After having a quick nap we got freshened up as it was time to head to the ballroom where the new Tata Tigor was going to be unveiled.
The session started as the who's who of the Tata Motors Marketing team took center stage. They explained us about the striking features and the amazing design of Tata Tigor and what all the car houses in it to suit the needs of a common man.

Cocktails and dinner followed the presentation. Band performance, lip-smacking food and exotic cocktails drew the night forward which was amazing.

 Finally it was time to retire to our rooms as we had to wake up early for our first-hand driving experience of Tata Tigor.
The morning started with a sumptuous breakfast which was followed by the flag-off of all the cars. We were divided into a team of 3 or 4.
Petrol variant of Tata Tigor is what we started with. Our first pitstop was a beautiful point at a hilltop which had a panoramic view of Gurgaon. After clicking some scenic pics with the Tigor we headed towards the Heritage Transport Museum which was our intermediate destination.

After hopping onto some mouthwatering sandwiches we went inside the museum to explore the heritage of Indian transportation.
The experience was nothing less than amazing. I will cover my experience of the museum on my Travel and Photography blog -
It was time to leave the museum and head back to our hotel in the diesel variant.

Finally after reaching the hotel we had our lunch and made our way to the airport to catch our flight back to Mumbai.
It was one hell of an experience what we always expect from a Tata event and the icing on the cake was it helped me trigger my style statement to a different level.
I met some of the best in the blogging business, Divyakshi, Stuti, Sanjay sir, Monish, Hemal, my rommie Antarick, Zainab, Anamika, Shubham to name a few..!!

The Tata Tigor Car Review
Attractive and classy exteriors and interiors, loaded features like awesome sound system and superb cooling system, spacious cabins and plenty of boot space make this all new Styleback Compact Sedan from Tata a player to look out for in its segment.
The only not so cool factor is the engine which could be a little more peppier and refined.
If priced properly, Tigor can easily become popular among the masses especially the middle-class segment.
Read the detailed review of Tata Tigor here

Saturday, March 11, 2017

UP and other states polls result: The beginning of new era in the realm of Indian politics

The results of just happened state assembly elections, especially Uttar Pradesh were crucial in many aspects. The equations were quite raw till now and the opposition had a boat to sail in the ongoing “Modi current” of the Indian Ocean (Politics). But now, raw has redefined itself to regal. And the current has changed its height to Tsunami (Modi tsunami). The BJP has swept Uttar Pradesh (Uttarakhand and to some extent Manipur) state polls today. The results put our flashback moments back to 2014 Lok Sabha battle, where Mr Narendra Modi single-headedly won the heart of the nation’s individuals (as per most of the media officials statements). Since in the UP elections, the BJP has not declared its Chief Ministerial candidate (like Bihar), the win is obviously connected to the Modi factor but do it subtlety explains the people’s verdict? Whether the people had made up their mind for the reason that is the lack of the other reasonable alternative or they really had an inclination for the BJP (known for communal politics which do play a major role in the mind of UP people) is still in vague. Let’s try to figure out some of major reasons behind the triumph (Trump way) over C(ongres + SP).

·        The BJP owes much of its success to its party chief Amit Shah who built a very successful strategy and intercepted the people’s emotional string really well (broad coalition of castes viz alliance with sub-regional parties, induction of Swami Prasad Maurya, Rajnath Singh as chief campaigner etc.).
·        Bihar is not repeated in the UP and local leaders were given their due importance by the saffron party (Keshav Prasad Maurya, Uma Bharti etc.).
·        Absence of chemistry (between SP and congress) needed to create history and the reaction resulted in non-accommodating by-products.

Effect Analysis
The focus point of anti-BJP (to be exact in words anti-Modi) campaigning was the aftermath of demonetisation. Since UP has considerable amount of rural voters who were worst hit by the “today’s pain, future-gain” note-bandi policy of the BJP, the opposition tried to yank its winning chariot with that whip but common people’s pulled them out of the cart and placed Modi in it. This would give confidence to the Modi government to take even more drastic measure in the name of greater good in coming months and years like the demonetisation.

Presently, BJP has 56 members in the Rajya Sabha, a number just below by 3 to the Congress’s strength but thanks to these elections outcomes, the numbers will now be revved up to around 80 for BJP in the upper house which will tilt scales in favour of BJP to pass many of the legislation that were, otherwise, opposed heavily by the Congress.

Owing to all the favourable conditions on the political scenario, now, BJP (or Modi-led government) have to prove its worth to the people and make them believe that yes, they are here for the betterment of the whole and not for any particular layer. Otherwise, we will meet soon. The risk card is now on the table. Let’s hope that people has not voted for the Hitler this time and communalisation would not become the new normal or liberalisation would not lose its gravity in Indian democracy, otherwise, we will meet soon.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


We were talking to each other like always. Her smile, her carefree attitude with calibre to handle responsibilities and her unparallel ability to understand situations always made me at an angle with her. Though we had that generation gap factor between us yet the kind of bonding we shared was more than friends. A part of me has always yearned for her presence in the office corridors to speak out. So today also we were opening our box of thoughts in front of each other like any other day. She took the upper hand in initiating the topic. And with the flow of words coming out from both the sides, I suddenly found tears flowing out of my eyes. And needless to say, from the other side also. The story she told me about the sudden demise of her husband and incidents around it brought the most emotional aspect of me on the front foot. 

It is the story of late 90’s. Liberalisation has already happened in India but still there were few parts in the country where social dogmas were prevailing. And in that era, a love story happened. Not like the usual ones but quite an unusual. Silence was the main pillar of this story. The two talked too rarely with the words but their eyes told tales without reservation. Their marriage was the next step in their undeclared love. Everything seemed like happy-go swing. They roamed different places with love in heart and modesty in eyes. After a year, their love blossomed with a flower in their hands, a sweet baby girl in the lap. Their happiness was at the seventh heaven. A few months later, they shifted to their hometown with the family. Life was on track horizontally and the verticals were not seen anywhere. On one evening, they turned up at an official function and her husband was greeted by everyone for the hard work and efforts in professional life. After all, he was the esteemed IES officer. 

But what the next sunshine might bring in the life, only destiny could have the cognizance. 

The family headed towards a temple to pay their homage boarding an early morning train. It was like any other morning but with an extra fun element. There were talks, there were laughs and there were cries of a little two years old baby. The train halted for a while at a local junction and the father got down to fill up the bottle of water. He was involved with the task and didn’t realize that the train resumed its journey. As soon as he perceived this, he ran to catch it up. The train went ahead while picking up the speed and so did he to narrow the gap in between. She called at the top of her voice from the train, “Go back, and don’t push yourself so hard. You can board the other one.” But the fate has already decided with the next coming sequence in the story. He succeeded in clutching the handle of the doors. She got her breathe back and backed on the seat to relax. But wait, the other second she saw him hanging on to the door with single hand and making himself lowering a bit to take the papers back that dropped from his pocket. And the next second, a high pinched scream was heard reporting from the train and it echoed to quite a far. She had lost her everything. The past two minutes of the day had changed her entire drawing on the canvass. He skipped the stairs and slipped down the train. He was no more now. The cry of the mother admixed with that of the baby though the toddler had no idea how things shifted the other way. And her mommy was on the floor with the expressions she had never encountered before. 

The young lady was only 21 years old when all this happened. Yes, fortune kept on rolling its dice on the game of snakes and ladder of life and she was bitten hard this time. The time slowly moved with its pace and things began to take casual outlook but with different angles. She had not received the mental support needed at that hour of time from her husband’s family side. In spite the vice versa happened. She could have remarried but she chose the tough path, the path to move ahead alone with her daughter or more of, for her daughter. She also took the decision to support her in-laws’ family despite the fact that the respect she deserved would not emanate from that side. And she did all this with smiling face and shine in her eyes. 

Today after 20 years of struggle, she achieved what she aimed at. Her daughter has completed her CA in her very first attempt and is working in a reputed firm of Mumbai. Her in-laws’ had realized what she left behind to take all of the family ahead. And her face exhibits an expression of contentment and rejoices. She has not failed. She passed the exam of life with the distinction grade as a mother, as a daughter-in-law and most importantly as a human being. But still the loneliness of her life and sequestered tears of her eyes make its appearance when somebody close to her heart exchange dialogues about the past happenings. She made her mark on almost everybody’s heart with her 440V smile but that has not taken away the incompleteness from her. 

Today on the occasion of women’s day, I want to give her due credits on behalf of the life and applaud her for what she has sustained while going through all this, her self-respect and integrity. No matter how small her achievements seem to the world, she is one of those hidden gems in the crust of earth which gleams more radiantly with time when camouflaged with stones.

This is for you ma’am and for all those women who bear the diseased mentality and still move on to change it with their love and honesty.

You bear the load when other looses the hope,
You gear the ones who see in you their support..
Your smile twinkles in the darkest night,
You fight the situations bigger than your might..
You come out with seven colours,
You bring the rainbow of achievements out from others..
You fall, you stand up again,
For you journey is your prize and never calculate for the gain..

Saturday, March 4, 2017

You and Me to WE..

The moment I discovered you was the moment when I lost myself.. Forever..
Being we is so simpatico than I and you dissever..

Slowly the kindness in you mingled with innocence in me..
At long last, the individuality of us restyled to togetherness of wannabees..

You are strong yet serene, I am modish yet pristine..
You are intense yet pacific, I am sassy yet at peace..

The two in us was at war like never ending..
We sought that stillness in each other’s companionship.

And one of those fine days we did engineered it..

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love's small note

“Knock, knock” heard the voice and she asked who is at the door?
Voice came from the other side, “hey it’s me, Love, on my way to explore.

She listened to the voice, she searched for the source,
She looked hither and thither, but couldn’t get the course.

Her senses got alerted; she composed herself for the moment,
Now she was all ready to ask for the sudden appearance.

“Why are you here for?” she questioned with great force,
And she was about to get the best answer for the reason of therefore.

Few gentle words came from unknown sides,
Stating the business of the joyride.

I was always there, you just took me for granted,
You sought for the specific, my domain was quite expanded.

I was there in the sips of tea, I was there in those hell of a yippies,
I was there in those twirls of small joys, I was there in those unexpected ahoy.

I yelled at the cause of your cries, I held your hand in all your tries.
I craved for your smiles , I shivered when you went off for a while.

I was always there in my unknown special ways.
Though not typical but definitely there for a longer stay.


Monday, February 6, 2017

Key points for common man - Indian Budget 2017

Guest Post: Pooja Bhandari

Finance minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2017 in Parliament on Wednesday. 
Here are the key highlights of his budget speech:

1.      Existing rate of tax for individuals between Rs.  2.5- Rs 5 lakh is reduced to 5% from 10%. All other categories of taxpayers in subsequent brackets will get a benefit of Rs 12,500.  10 % surcharge on individual income above Rs. 50 lakh and up to Rs 1 crore and 15% surcharge on individual income above Rs. 1 crore to remain.

2.   Simple one-page return for people with an annual income of Rs. 5 lakh other than business income.

3.      No transaction above Rs 3 lakh is permitted in cash. The limit of cash donation by charitable trusts is reduced to Rs 2,000 from Rs 10,000. The maximum amount of cash donation for a political party will be Rs. 2,000 from any one source.

4.  Digital India - BHIM app will unleash mobile phone revolution. The government will introduce two schemes to promote BHIM App - referral bonus for the users and cash back for the traders.

5.  The total allocation for Railways is Rs. 1,31,000 crore. No service charge on tickets booked through IRCTC. 3,500 km of railway lines to be commissioned this year up from 2,800 km last year. By 2019 all trains will have bio-toilets.

6.      Rs. 500 crore allocated for Mahila Shakthi Kendras. For pregnant women, Rs. 6000 will be transferred to each person.

7.   Over Rs 3 lakh crore will be spent for rural India MGNREGA to double farmers' income. Participation of women in MGNREGA is to be increased up to 55%.

8.   A sum of Rs. 10 lakh crore is allocated as credit to farmers, with 60 days interest waiver. NABARD fund will be increased to Rs. 40,000 crore. 

9.      Two new AIIMS in Jharkhand and Gujarat.

10.  The holding period for long-term capital gain lowered to two years. Capital gains tax to be exempted for people holding land from which land was pooled for creation of the state capital of Andhra Pradesh.

11.  The government proposes to reduce basic customs duty for LNG to 2.5% from 5%.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Should we expect support in today's world

In today’s world when people talk about being independent and self-reliant, should we expect from our near and dear ones to support us during our bad times or during the struggling phase of life changing decisions.

No doubt being self-reliant is very important, furthermore self-actualization is needed for personal growth also it helps us function better in the society but life is so unpredictable that we have no surety of what will happen tomorrow. In such situations or decisions if things go wrong we would expect some support from our closed ones, especially on the emotional end.

Here are some examples -:
I had a friend whose best friend’s parents passed away in an accident.
She was broken like hell and needed support in every possible way.
What my friend did was the best support he could provide her, he married her. Today both are living a great life.
Another example is of a close friend who unfortunately had to suffer from a year drop because of an allegation put on her which she was not at all connected to. The examiner did ask her to write the paper again after 2 hours of exam time but she took the decision to not write it again but take the matter to the higher level.
Though things didn’t go as she expected and the allegations were made more severe which caused her to bear a year drop.
She was utterly depressed and upset. She took the decision what she felt was right at that time but things didn’t go as she thought.
At that point of time her near and dears ones, especially her bf and parents were quite supportive and helped her to come out of this terrible situation.

The Last example I will quote is of yet another very good friend of mines.
It was the end of 2014 and his mother was not keeping well. In spite of several medications, she showed negligible improvement. At that time he was quite tensed and worried about her health and needed someone to pour down his emotions. One of his best friends came as a savior. She not only took care of him but also his mother. Eventually,his mother showed signs of improvement. He proposed his friend for marriage as he knew that he could count upon her during the bad phases of his life.
Most importantly there was a feeling of security with her.

All these examples show that your near and dear ones who can be your partner or best buddies do support you during the bad phases of life but there are other examples too which prove them utterly wrong.

People have left their loved ones as per their convenience with the reasoning that as the decision was of the concerned person so eventually the problems are also his/her own and hence he/she has to suffer it alone.

The bottom-line is, though people have grown a bit more selfish and self-centered but still,  there are many generous souls in this world.
Yes,the need of the hour is to be more self-reliant and self-dependent but when the platter of life serves terribly bad times, it is good to have it together with a bunch of trustworthy souls than alone.