Thursday, October 6, 2016

The next hotspot for opportunities - Indore

The commercial capital, education hub and the most populous city of Madhya Pradesh is making its mark on the national level. Counted among the top fastest growing cities in India, Indore is all set to prove its metal as one of the biggest hotspots of opportunities in India.

Biggies of the IT industry, TCS and Infosys, setting their foot in Indore gives a clear indication that the city is all set to be the next favorite destination for IT companies and preferably the next big IT hub of India. Offices scaling on more than 100 acres of land on the super corridor area with 600 crores of investment generating more than 20,000 jobs definitely give a clear perspective of the opportunities that are going to make their way into the city.
Just an FYI, this is the largest office of TCS in the world.

Nationally renowned universities like Symbiosis and Narsee Monjee have already started with the construction of their campuses in Indore with 25 acre of land been allocated to each of them. The city is home to both the elite institute of India, IIM and IIT, with Symbiosis and Narsee Monjee joining the club; definitely makes Indore an inch closer to be counted among the national education hubs of India.

With nationally recognized hospitals like Bombay Hospital, CHRC, Arvindo Hospital, Indore has already made its stand and now 500 acres of land has been allocated on the super corridor area to accommodate major hospitals of India which are showing keen interest in Indore, one of the example is Medanta Group.

It’s also a major opportunity for the investors who are looking to invest into real estate or planning for their dream home.
Super Corridor, the 12 km long ultra modern shaped corridor and areas near it are expected to offer the best returns in real estate sector.
Factors supporting the above argument are vicinity to Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport which is gradually developing into an international airport and home to all major developments which are stated above.

So from all the above information we can draw a conclusion that Indore is going to be the next big thing whether it is education, investment or employment.
All those who consider Indore as just some random city of India, keep your eyes open ;)

Source - Wikipedia

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ae Sipahi tujhe salaam..!!

Tu hai is desh is shaan
Tujh par hai hume abhiman
Tere vaste hai ye dil kurban
Tujhse hai hamari pehchan
Ae Sipahi tujhe salaam..!!

Rehta hai tu apne parivar se dur
Par bachata hai hazaro parivaro ki jaan
Aanch na aane deta hai is vatan par
Apni jaan se jyada priye hai tujhe bharat mata ka maan
Ae Sipahi tujhe salaam..!!

Baraf se dhaki ucchi pahadiya ho
Ya fir garmi mai taptapata registan
Tujhe na parwah kisi mausam ki
Har sthithi mai rakhta hai tu apne farz ka dhyan
Ae Sipahi tujhe salaam..!!

Har bharat vasi ko tujh par garv hai
Tu hi hai asal mai super hero ki pehchan
Aaj mai sacche maan se dhanyawad karta ho tera
Aur puri shiddat se dua karta ho tere liye, sunlo bhagwan
Ae Sipahi tujhe salaam..!!
Ae Sipahi tujhe salaam..!!
Ae Sipahi tujhe salaam..!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Yes..!! We do Exist

Recently there have been a lot of movies, ads and videos on women empowerment, freedom, safety, rights and equality. In most of them everything has been generalized for the entire men fraternity, judging them all on the same ground and drawing the same picture about each one of them, but wait there is a completely different league of men who nobody talks about, Yes..!! We do Exist.

So to all the women out there, here is what we have to say.

We don’t judge you by the number of past relationships or by the matter of fact that you are still a virgin or not?
Everyone has a past and we are totally fine with it till the time you are loyal, faithful and true to us.

We are not looking for someone who can do household chores or make gol chapattis.
We believe in sharing the workload. Also we are self dependent and would never like to be a burden on anyone.

We are fine with the way you dress-up. We are not provoked, nor do we consider it as a signal.
Whether it’s a mini-skirt or saree, we know that you are sensible enough to decide, what to wear when.

Everyone has friends and like socializing. We are totally cool with the idea of you partying with your friends and would even love to join sometimes.
We never hesitate to cancel our plans if you wish to meet your best buddies as they also form an integral part of your life.

We know that you also have dreams, aspirations and goals and we respect and care for them even more than ours.
Nothing can bring more happiness and joy to us than you getting your dream job or successfully starting your own venture. It won’t hurt our “Male Ego” even if you earn more than us.
Your work is equally important as ours; we don’t have any superiority complex.

We love to discuss and have conversations on various topics.
If you have a better conclusion, suggestion, opinion or say about something, it won’t get on our nerves or would hurt our “Male Ego”. We will appreciate it and feel great to have someone like you in our life.
Also we are always open to criticism and improvement.

If a man drinks or smokes so can a woman.
We will never speak ill of you or draw any judgment about your character because of that.

We know that it is quite difficult for you to leave your family and come to our home but believe us when we say that it is equally tough for us as we are now answerable not only to our parents but also to your parents. We definitely respect your parents and would expect the same from you.
Also we would love the idea of your parents living with us.

And the final point, your happiness is the top most priority in our life and we know that it is directly related to your freedom and space.
Trust us when we say that we would do everything in this world to keep you happy but in return we just want you to put some efforts to gel with our family and treat them as your own.

Lastly I would say, do mention “US” in your conversations next time and keep “US” in your thoughts.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Attractions to explore at Niagara Falls

The mention of words “Niagara Falls” itself brings a different sensation in our mind.
Counted as one of the largest waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls is comprised of three gorgeous waterfalls, the huge Horseshoe Falls that are situated in Canada, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls.

As we were on the American side so lets have a look at the different attractions which should be experienced from this end.

1. Maid of the Mist
Maid of the Mist is a boat tour of Niagara Falls from US side. The boat starts off a calm part of the
    Niagara River, near the Rainbow Bridge and takes its passengers past the American and Bridal Veil
    Falls, then into the dense mist of spray inside the curve of the Horseshoe Falls, also known as the  
    Canadian Falls. This is a thrilling way to experience Niagara Falls where you get as close as
    possible look of the breathtaking flow of water and the power with which it falls.

2. Cave of the winds
     For those who want to experience the Niagara Falls up close, a tour of the Cave of the Winds is a
     must. There are series of redwood decks and platforms which allow sightseers to walk right up to
     the base of the Bridal Veil Falls with water crashing right on them and flowing beneath the

3. Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge is the Gateway between US and Canada. The toll to across the bridge for each
     pedestrian and bicycle is 50 cents USD or CAD and for automobiles it is $3.50 USD or CAD.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Road trip from New York to Niagara Falls..!!

This time our destination was one of the largest waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls.
It is a collective name given to 3 waterfalls that lies around the boundary of USA and Canada.

Though we were eagerly waiting to get a view of these breathtaking falls but the road trip did appease some of our quench. Some pics from the road trip..

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Road trip from Charlotte to Washington DC - Independence day..!!

The route from Charlotte to Washington DC is among one of the best I have seen.
Beautiful views start as we touch West Virginia and then the stretch continues till Washington DC.
Scenic forests, Foggy mountains, light drizzling and beautiful terrain all around.

This was the first time we drove for 2 consecutive nights.
Also this was one of the most adventurous drive of my life as it was raining heavily with lot of fog around and all I could see were the white lines on the road.

As July 4th is celebrated as Independence Day in US we got the opportunity to see some amazing fireworks too..

Friday, August 5, 2016

Attractions to explore in Charlotte..!!

Charlotte is the largest city of North Carolina and also third fastest growing major city in USA.
Home to the corporate headquarters of Bank Of America and Wells Fargo, it is also the second largest banking center in USA.

Charlotte is not a renowned tourist place but there are few attractions here which will make you

1. NASCAR hall of fame
     NASCAR is synonym to car racing in USA. There are over 1500 races held over 100 tracks in 39
     states of USA as well as Canada. It is the second most popular professional sports in USA after 
     National Football league. 
     NASCAR hall of fame is a 150,000 square foot entertainment attraction which exhibits the
     history and heritage of NASCAR. 
     It is home to lot of artifacts, interactive exhibits and a theater.

     The journey starts from Hard Card which is a card given to you to track your achievements and
     scores against other guests in different activities across the Hall of fame.
      Next you make your way to the High Octane Theater which displays complete journey of .
      Glory Road is your next pit stop which features 18 iconic cars telling the story of NASCAR.
      Race Week is where all the fun begins.
      You can get live racing experience by getting into the simulator arena.
      Here you actually sit in one of the sports car and compete with other guests in a race.
      Apart from this thrilling experience you also get other hands on experiences.
      Last segment is the Heritage Speedway which unveils more than 200 artifacts that walk you
      through NASCAR’s storied past decade by decade. I loved the trophies, they were beautiful.

2. Charlotte Douglas Airport Overlook
Here you can get a very close view of the planes getting on the runway and taking off the ground.
     I really loved capturing the breathtaking views, definitely worth a visit.

3. Carolina's Aviation Museum
We didn’t visit this place as we have already seen world famous aviation museum in Washington.

4. White water River Rafting
This is one thing which we wanted to do but unfortunately it was closed due to some maintenance