Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Road trip from New York to Niagara Falls..!!

This time our destination was one of the largest waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls.
It is a collective name given to 3 waterfalls that lies around the boundary of USA and Canada.

Though we were eagerly waiting to get a view of these breathtaking falls but the road trip did appease some of our quench. Some pics from the road trip..

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Road trip from Charlotte to Washington DC - Independence day..!!

The route from Charlotte to Washington DC is among one of the best I have seen.
Beautiful views start as we touch West Virginia and then the stretch continues till Washington DC.
Scenic forests, Foggy mountains, light drizzling and beautiful terrain all around.

This was the first time we drove for 2 consecutive nights.
Also this was one of the most adventurous drive of my life as it was raining heavily with lot of fog around and all I could see were the white lines on the road.

As July 4th is celebrated as Independence Day in US we got the opportunity to see some amazing fireworks too..

Friday, August 5, 2016

Attractions to explore in Charlotte..!!

Charlotte is the largest city of North Carolina and also third fastest growing major city in USA.
Home to the corporate headquarters of Bank Of America and Wells Fargo, it is also the second largest banking center in USA.

Charlotte is not a renowned tourist place but there are few attractions here which will make you

1. NASCAR hall of fame
     NASCAR is synonym to car racing in USA. There are over 1500 races held over 100 tracks in 39
     states of USA as well as Canada. It is the second most popular professional sports in USA after 
     National Football league. 
     NASCAR hall of fame is a 150,000 square foot entertainment attraction which exhibits the
     history and heritage of NASCAR. 
     It is home to lot of artifacts, interactive exhibits and a theater.

     The journey starts from Hard Card which is a card given to you to track your achievements and
     scores against other guests in different activities across the Hall of fame.
      Next you make your way to the High Octane Theater which displays complete journey of .
      Glory Road is your next pit stop which features 18 iconic cars telling the story of NASCAR.
      Race Week is where all the fun begins.
      You can get live racing experience by getting into the simulator arena.
      Here you actually sit in one of the sports car and compete with other guests in a race.
      Apart from this thrilling experience you also get other hands on experiences.
      Last segment is the Heritage Speedway which unveils more than 200 artifacts that walk you
      through NASCAR’s storied past decade by decade. I loved the trophies, they were beautiful.

2. Charlotte Douglas Airport Overlook
Here you can get a very close view of the planes getting on the runway and taking off the ground.
     I really loved capturing the breathtaking views, definitely worth a visit.

3. Carolina's Aviation Museum
We didn’t visit this place as we have already seen world famous aviation museum in Washington.

4. White water River Rafting
This is one thing which we wanted to do but unfortunately it was closed due to some maintenance

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hausla Rakh...Hausla Rakh..!!

Andheri raat ke baad
roshan ujala bhi hoga
Hausla Rakh...Hausla Rakh..!!

Abhi hai kaale badal
par takdir ka buland sitara bhi hoga
Hausla Rakh...Hausla Rakh..!!

Tu hai ek anmol heera
teri chamak ka nazara bhi hoga
Hausla Rakh...Hausla Rakh..!!

Abhi hai tuffan ka manzar
par kal kinara bhi hoga
Hausla Rakh...Hausla Rakh..!!

Tuth mat mere dost, daat kar khade reh
aane wala waaqt hamara hi hoga
Hausla Rakh...Hausla Rakh..!!

Is parayi duniya mai
koi saksh apna bhi hoga
Hausla Rakh...Hausla Rakh..!!

Dilo ko todne wale to bahut hai
par jodne wala vo dildaar bhi hoga
Hausla Rakh...Hausla Rakh..!!

Mushkilo bhari raaho mai
koi saath nibhane wala hamrahi bhi hoga
Hausla Rakh...Hausla Rakh..!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Do we require shock absorbers in life ?

Life is the synonym of uncertainty. We start everyday of our life with a positive and optimistic node, having a wide smile on our face, but how long the smile will last is completely unpredictable.

Everyone come across problems in his/her daily life, some take an hour while some a week to resolve but in the end we are sure of getting through it and the life continues on it’s regular pace.
But there are situations when life becomes stagnant, mind goes into turmoil and there is surge of uncontrollable emotions, such situations are when a person is in “state of shock”.

Death or critical health condition of a very close person, Betrayal by someone quite trustworthy, a heart wrenching breakup, bankruptcy, or sudden change in the thinking and behavior of a person you love are some of the conditions which leaves you blank and clueless.

Every person has a different recovery time. Some might take few days to come out of a shock while for some it even takes months or in rare cases years to get back on track.

It is said that every second of your life is precious and should be utilized to the fullest but such situations take away a lot of that precious time.

A shock which is given by god or nature is tolerable as we know it was not under anyone’s control but a shock given by a human being takes its toll on us to a severe extent.
We may lose years of earned confidence and trust, not only in others but also in ourselves.
But the worst part is the self-doubt mode, where a person blames himself/herself for everything that has happened and buys whatever is said about him/her by others.
Mind become unstable and there is surge of emotions, right from pain, anger, sadness, hate, uneasiness, distress, insecurity and alienation, all at the same time.

It takes hours of self motivation and boosting everyday for unpredictable time to get the self- confidence back and part away the self-doubt mode.
But the most difficult part is to make mind stable, control emotions and get focus back in life which may take even months and years.

Shocks take away some of the most precious time of our life and can also have a severe impact on our health, personality and thinking. Yes they make us strong to face another one but what they take away in the process is incomparable.

So don’t you think that we should be fitted with shock absorbers which might take at max a week to put our life back on track and help us to do justice to our purpose of living?
Would love to hear your thoughts on the same…

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Attractions to visit at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of the hottest tourist destinations in South Carolina, known for it's helicopter rides, celebrity designed golf courses, brown-sugar colored beaches, water sports, numerous rides and shopping opportunities at Broadway by the beach.

Let’s have a look at the different attractions at Myrtle Beach.

1. Helicopter Ride
This is the most popular attraction here.
     The helicopters are small having occupancy of 2 people.
     There are 7 packages to choose, ranging from $20 to $180 per person.
     We took the $40 one which kept us in air for around 10 minutes.
     The most amazing experience for us was to get a bird’s view of the ocean and the beach.

2. Grand Strand
Grand Strand is a large and continuous stretch of beach whose centre falls in Myrtle Beach.
     This part of beach is a hidden gem with amazing sand, warm water and large waves.
      It is prime location for water sports, camping, swimming, biking, hiking and fishing.

3. Aquarium 
     It is a wonderful aquarium home to plethora of marine life you can imagine.
     There are sharks, live mermaid show, stingrays, horseshoe crabs, jellyfishes.
      Fish feeding is also quite popular.

4. SkyWheel
We didn’t go for SkyWheel as we already did the Helicopter ride but people say that the view of
     city from here is amazing.

5. Broadway at the Beach
Though I have mentioned this attraction at the last but it actually tops the list of attractions in
      Myrtle Beach.
     There are lot of rides, adventure sports, shops and restaurants here.
     Adventure sports include zip line, ropes course and high intensity boat ride.
     There are lots of rides for the kids.
     The main attraction is WonderWorks which have more than 100 interactive exhibits including an
     Anti-gravity chamber, a Hurricane Shack and Xtreme 360 bikes.